First-year Associates & Judicial Clerks

Kerr Russell selects entry level attorneys based on a myriad of factors. The individuals we hire possess maturity, academic excellence, a strong work ethic and a history of quality legal work experience throughout their law school years.  We do not expect law students to know which practice area is right for them. We believe this decision can properly be made only on an informed basis after a few years of actual legal experience working in a variety of practice areas. While all of our new attorneys begin their careers accepting assignments across all of our practice areas, desired practice areas will of course be given preference.  Consistent with the assignment delegation process used in our summer associate program, entry level attorneys receive their assignments directly from the attorney responsible for the work.

Kerr Russell believes that the best training is the “hands on” guidance given by more experienced attorneys when reviewing the work product of the entry level attorneys. In addition to this individualized training, we encourage all attorneys to regularly participate in professional education opportunities. The firm is a partner of the Institute For Continuing Legal Education, an organization that presents many seminars throughout the year. Entry level and other attorneys are encouraged to regularly attend these seminars, as well as those sponsored by other groups, when appropriate. In addition, the firm develops and presents many in-house seminars throughout the year on a variety of topics.

One of the significant advantages to working at Kerr Russell is that you will know all of your coworkers and all of your coworkers will know you. The firm fosters a friendly, open-door work environment that encourages interaction between entry-level attorneys, partners and other attorneys at all levels of the firm. We believe that this atmosphere facilitates the communication and problem solving that most mentoring programs at other firms are designed to achieve.  In addition, every new Kerr Russell associate is provided a mentor who is there to help the associate so that the transition is a rewarding one, both personally and professionally.

Kerr Russell attorneys are expected to produce a minimum of 1800 quality, billable hours each year.  The annual salary for entry level attorneys is currently $110,000.  Entry level associates are also eligible to receive a bonus. The following is a list of the benefits (some of which are subject to eligibility requirements and may require employee contributions) provided to entry level attorneys beginning work with the firm:

• Health Insurance

• Life Insurance

• 401(k)

• Parking

• Vacation

• Reimbursement of the cost of a Bar Review Course and Bar Exam application fees

At Kerr Russell, our first, and highest, priority is client service. Our clients come first, period. Everything else follows.  This commitment to our clients and then to the institution of the law firm guides everything that we do at Kerr Russell, as it has guided the lawyers who have come before us and those who will follow us. 

If you are interested in being considered for a position with Kerr Russell, please forward your resume, your most recent law school transcript and a writing sample to:

Michael Carroll

Kerr, Russell and Weber, PLC 

500 Woodward Avenue, Suite 2500

Detroit, Michigan 48226

(313) 961-0200

(313) 961-0388 facsimile


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Troy T 248.740.9820
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