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Daniel Ferris inducted into Covenant House Michigan Young Professionals Society

August 21, 2017

Congratulations to Daniel Ferris who was inducted into Covenant House Michigan Young Professionals Society last week.

About Covenant House Michigan Young Professionals Society ...

We are young professionals (22-40) who wish to make a difference in the lives of homeless youth. We raise funds, plan service projects with the youth and support Covenant House Michigan through our advocacy work.

Covenant House Michigan is a faith-based nonprofit organization that provides hope to homeless, runaway and at-risk youth ages 18-24. We provide shelter, educational and vocational programs, as well as other support services, to help overcome hurdles such as homelessness, unemployment, inadequate education, violence, drugs and gangs. Our goal is to redirect them onto a path toward meaningful and successful adulthood.

CHM has come to be known by Detroit area young people as a place they can go to build a better future and be treated with respect and unconditional love. Over 60,000 youths have been served by CHM since its inception in September, 1997. Find out more at their Facebook page.

Main Office - Detroit T 313.961.0200
Troy T 248.740.9820
China T +86 21 20501851