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Robert E. Forrest publishes Detroit Deceit, a work of legal fiction

January 2014

In Detroit Deceit, Alex Drew is a hard-working criminal defense attorney in Detroit, practicing in federal court. After successfully defending the scion of a rich Detroit family in one federal case marred by prosecutorial misconduct, Drew is thrust into the defense of his client in a second complicated criminal tax and money laundering case involving a former secretary to a Catholic order and a Diocesan priest. Before he can do so, however, he must defend his childhood friend, now an ATF special agent who is caught in a web of racial and government politics.

As Drew labors to help his friend and win the case for his client honorably, he is drawn into an on-going federal investigation of city-wide corruption. While Drew fashions a skillful defense and acquittal is possible, his efforts are undermined by his own client. At the end of the exhausting trial, Drew is not able to affirm that the "system works" but must conclude that "justice is done."

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