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To know the road ahead, ask those coming back.

Chinese Proverb

Very few US law firms can claim Kerr Russell’s experience in managing the complex legal framework and unique cultural aspects that are so important to success in the US and China. Fewer still possess the qualities that characterize our China-US Business Practice: the deep experience, knowledge and cultural understanding that are vital to success in both countries.

Founded in Detroit in 1874, Kerr Russell’s longevity speaks to the quality of our relationships, both within our firm and with the Chinese and American clients we serve. We value these personal relationships like no other law firm. Our deeply ingrained values of hard work, commitment, and loyalty have enabled these long term relationships to thrive over the course of our history.

Our early clients included some of America's most successful industrialists and financiers. Among them was Henry Ford, whom we represented in acquiring land for the Ford Rouge Plant which, at the time it was completed in 1928, was the largest manufacturing plant in the world. We also helped form many of the early banks in Detroit who in turn, led Detroit and the rest of the country to economic success.  Today, Kerr Russell’s continued focus on our core values has provided uncommon stability through many uncertain times over nearly 150 years – and our firm has flourished as a result.

We provide valuable assistance to Chinese enterprises who desire to enter the US. Our experience encompasses all areas of law and business planning, as well as cultural relations, political environments, and recommended best business practices. While a substantial portion of our China practice involves manufacturing, we regularly counsel clients in other areas, including distribution, EB 5 investments, green technology, IT, real estate and research.

Kerr Russell works toward achieving outcomes for the mutual benefit of all parties; our goal is to initiate a starting point for ongoing successful relationships. At the heart of our China-US Business Practice is good guanxi: an extensive network of accountants, bankers, insurance agents, real estate agents and other business professionals, who are available to assist our clients operate successfully in the US or China. Our legal team also includes a Chinese National who is qualified to practice law in both China and in the US, and who speaks and writes fluently in both Mandarin and English. This is just one more thing that makes Kerr Russell like no other law firm.

Our many services include:

  • Entity selection and formation in China and the US
  • Foreign direct investment
  • Cross-border contracts
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Joint ventures
  • Taxation
  • Purchase, sale, construction and leasing of real estate (including office, warehouse, manufacturing, R&D and residential properties)
  • Financing acquisitions and business operations
  • Intellectual Property
  • Labor & Employment
  • Import/export matters
  • Logistics
  • Immigration
  • EB5's
  • Government incentives/economic development grants
  • Business divestment
  • Legal and regulatory compliance


Some of our recent representative matters include:

  • Serve as company legal counsel for Chinese automotive OEM and multiple suppliers
  • Started new company in US and helped Chinese owner grow company organically to what is now, a large operating company
  • Multiple acquisitions of US businesses by Chinese buyers
  • Conducted due diligence
  • Negotiated vendor contracts for manufactured gears, green technology (including solar and wind technologies) and other industrial products
  • Negotiated contracts with manufacturer sales representatives
  • Outsourced IT contracts for software clients who utilize Chinese programmers
  • Established joint ventures and manufacturing facilities in China for automotive supplier
  • Created joint ventures between US companies and Chinese companies in China, Mexico and the US
  • Formed wholly-owned subsidiaries for many Chinese companies
  • Assisted Chinese companies in obtaining US, State and Local Government tax incentives, grants and loans
  • Handled various transactions for multiple "inbound" Chinese automotive suppliers, including registration of trademark rights, reorganization of global organization (including establishment of a US holding company and Michigan operating company), preparation of employee handbook, and negotiation of various real estate transactions
  • Establish Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE) and representative office for various US companies conducting business in China
  • Consulted on acquisition and import/export of machinery in and out of China for company in steel industry
  • Advised Chinese clients on possible EB5 investments
  • Handled numerous US/China immigration matters 

For further information about Kerr Russell’s China-US Business Practice, please contact Chaoyi Ding ( Ms. Ding is a Chinese National and is qualified to practice law in both China and the US. You may also contact James Cambridge ( and Michael Gibson (, the leaders of the China-US Business Practice.


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