January 16, 2018

ACG/TMA co-host, Kerr Russell sponsors “Automotive Landscape: An Inside Look at a Driver of the Global Economy”

From the event description: “The program will delve into the global automotive landscape examining the near and long-term outlook with a focus on the challenges, barriers and opportunities that will shape this ever-changing industry. Featuring two of the industry’s foremost experts and closest observers, the program will give insight from the automakers’ perspective as well as the all-important supply base as it continues to be fertile ground for consolidation activity. With a value of more 1 trillion, investment of nearly 100 billion and employing 10 million people worldwide, the global automotive industry continues to be the source of constant innovation and technology disruption. Robinet and Nagle will also discuss the key trends affecting the industry touching on megatrends such as urbanization, sustainability, emerging markets and innovation including autonomous driving and connectivity.”