April 13, 2020

Cybersecurity Threats Demand Companies Review Policies and Risk During Crisis

Cybersecurity is a daily concern for business owners of every size – but the wholesale shift to working from home because of the coronavirus will test how secure your company is as well as the behavior of your newly remote employees, experts say.

Every institution that has people online to work right now needs to step up its security, review its policies with workers, check on its disaster-response plan and look ahead to what might be coming next as cyber criminals step up their games going forward, cybersecurity officials agree.

“This probably won’t be the last time this (kind of quarantine) happens and you need to be better prepared next time,” said Jeffrey A. May, an attorney who specializes in cybersecurity at Kerr, Russell and Weber PLC in Detroit.

Disaster-response plans

Every business should have some sort of plan in place for cybersecurity. IT planners and lawyers knew this and most companies understood this, May said. Companies need to put better controls in place to avoid security risks. And no one can say they were shocked by the changes in remote work if they had a part of their security plan that considered what the business would do if its building were out of commission or destroyed – a common part of a cybersecurity risk or disaster-response plan, he noted.

“In the next few months, IT budgets for disaster planning will go up,” May predicted.

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Jeffrey A. MayDetroit Legal News Jeffery May of Kerr Russell practices in the areas of general business law, intellectual property, and litigation with a focus on the increasingly important area of Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Law. He is credentialed as a Certified Information Privacy Professional/United States (CIPP/US). He has prior experience owning and operating a technology-based business. His experience and education allow him to assist clients with a wide range of business issues and litigation matters. Jeffrey helps clients identify and mitigate risks related to data security incidents and breaches. He also helps with information technology policies and practices, and data sharing arrangements with third parties.

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