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DeLine and Klima Prevail in Michigan Court Of Appeals

September 8, 2023

James DeLine and Jacquelyn Klima prevailed recently in the Michigan Court Of Appeals in an automotive supply chain dispute. Mr. DeLine represented a Tier 1 mold builder in a multi-million dollar payment dispute with its customer, a Tier 1 automotive supplier. Eschewing a traditional settlement agreement, Mr. DeLine negotiated a court order requiring payment of the debt to the mold builder. When the supplier defaulted in payment, Mr. DeLine successfully enforced the payment order in court, avoiding time-consuming discovery. The supplier appealed, claiming its procedural due-process rights had been violated. The court of appeals unanimously sided with Kerr Russell and held that the payment order was enforceable against the supplier. Mr. DeLine leads Kerr Russell’s business litigation practice and offers creative solutions to businesses in supply chain and contract disputes. Ms. Klima leads Kerr Russell’s appellate practice.