September 4, 2019

Immigration Attorney, Kate McCarroll Featured in Lawyer Monthly

Question:  What are some considerations for corporations who wish to hire foreign nationals?

Answer:  These days, the most important consideration for companies that employ foreign workers is to manage expectations. Processes take longer than they have in the past. The government agencies that adjudicate applications deny petitions and request evidence more often than they ever have. Patience is critical – for management, human resources, and foreign nationals. Having experienced immigration counsel to guide employers through this uncertainty is more important than ever.

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Kate M. McCarroll of Kerr Russell Kate McCarroll practices in the area of immigration and nationality law and leads the firm’s Immigration and Nationality law group. Kate has extensive experience in employment-related immigration law, including inbound and outbound immigration; physician immigration; I-9 and immigration-related compliance training; and, assisting corporations with Department of Labor/Department of Homeland Security audits. Kate has also handled immigration matters involving criminal and inadmissibility issues; family-based immigration; and asylum proceedings and has expertise in the specialized area of physician immigration.

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