October 27, 2020

Jeffrey May Discusses Data Privacy Issues Concerning the Automotive Industry on OESA’s Automotive Insider

In this episode, Jeff defines the differences between Data Privacy and Data Security; discusses the collection and use of automotive industry employees’ and customers’ health data, contact data and location data related to COVID-19; and explains the industry’s privacy compliance obligations for employees who work remotely, including cross-border data transfers.

You can listen to this and past episodes of Automotive Insiders HERE. Please contact a Kerr Russell attorney for questions relating to this or other data privacy matters.

Jeffrey A. MayDetroit Legal News Jeffery May of Kerr Russell practices in the areas of general business law, intellectual property, and litigation with a focus on the increasingly important area of Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Law. He is credentialed as a Certified Information Privacy Professional/United States (CIPP/US). He has prior experience owning and operating a technology-based business. His experience and education allow him to assist clients with a wide range of business issues and litigation matters. Jeffrey helps clients identify and mitigate risks related to data security incidents and breaches. He also helps with information technology policies and practices, and data sharing arrangements with third parties.

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