November 16, 2012

Jim DeLine authors “The ABC’s of Incorporating Your T&C’s Into Your Agreements”

The first opportunity is the request for quote (RFQ) stage. If you are the purchaser, make sure your RFQ states that your order will be subject to your T&Cs. Include a copy of your T&Cs with the RFQ, and at a minimum, state where they can be found (e.g., a link to your website). When selling or responding to an RFQ, your quote should reference your T&Cs in the main body and include a copy. For purchasers, the most important time to incorporate your T&Cs is when you issue a purchase order (PO). Reference your T&Cs in the body of the PO; do not rely solely on the fine print at the bottom of your form. Also include a copy of your T&Cs with your PO.

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