January 29, 2018

Jim DeLine serves as an editor of ABA’s recently published Antitrust Class Actions Handbook, Second Edition


The class action has taken on an increasingly important role in the antitrust world. This treatise attempts to explore both the legal foundations as well as the practical issues that counsel face both in bringing and defending against a major antitrust class action.”

From the ABA’s website: “Ninety percent of U.S. antitrust enforcement is generated through private actions, and the class action is perhaps the primary mechanism through which private actors seek to enforce antitrust laws. Acknowledged as a potent tool, class action law and procedure are becoming an unavoidable fact of life for antitrust practitioners. The Antitrust Class Actions Handbook is a vital reference for both new and experienced antitrust practitioners navigating the class action thicket. The book is intended as a comprehensive discussion of the issues that arise before, during, and after the filing of an antitrust class action. It considers the issues and challenges faced by both plaintiffs and defendants to such actions, and focuses on both the evolving legal standards as well as the strategic decisions that guide these highly complex cases.”