November 2, 2017

Kerr Russell redesign featured in Michigan Lawyers Weekly

Franz writes …

Kerr Russell undergoes redesign

Kerr Russell’s downtown Detroit office has just undergone a redesign, and the result is an artistic showcase of the city in which the firm has been a part of since 1874.

The firm began the project about 18 months ago, and it took more than a year to complete the office update.

“We’ve been in this space for quite a while, and it was just time for a refresh. We wanted to stay in the building, so we wanted to redo it and make it comfortable for our employees and clients,” said Kerr Russell member Stephen D. McGraw, who is a member of the firm’s executive committee.

Kerr Russell has been in the same location on Woodward Avenue since the late 1980s, and most recently remodeled its workspace about 10 years ago.

The firm sought help from Mandy Lark of Lark Interior Design and photographer Sooney Kadouh to identify and provide art suitable for the office.

“I would say that principally in the artwork, we took pictures of historical landmarks and monuments that most folks would recognize as Detroit, and have artists frame them and do some nice touches with them so that when you come into the space, you recognize that the space reflects Detroit,” McGraw said.

McGraw said that aside from a remodel of the office’s lobby, there were no functional changes to the space, but the added art will create a livelier environment for staff.

“From my perspective, our space is principally for our employees, so we want to make it comfortable and inviting and nice to work in. That was our principal goal, to make it a pleasing place for our employees to work,” McGraw said.

Photos by David Frechette