April 14, 2020

Kerr Russell’s Support for Manufacturers Highlighted with Michigan Manufacturers Association

Manufacturing can be full of excitement but it can also be full of uncertainty. When doubt creeps in, it’s important for employers to know they have a team of capable advisors on-hand to assist with answering questions, guiding strategy or providing a fresh perspective.

Kerr Russell is one of the state’s oldest law firms and caters to the needs of their manufacturing clients. With specialists in employment law, mergers & acquisitions, corporate law, real estate transactions, intellectual property, personal injury and litigation, Kerr Russell may be one of the Motor City’s best kept secrets.

“We’re well-suited for the manufacturing sector because so many of us have manufacturing as part of our background,” said Mark Knoth, a Kerr Russell attorney with over 20 years of experience representing employers in a wide range of employment and labor law matters. “We focus on the industry’s sweet spot — small and mid-sized businesses that need reliable representation with a personal touch.”

That personal touch is at the heart of what their clients love about working with the firm. Their business isn’t just one more name on a list at Kerr Russell — they’ll sit down with you, face-to-face, and get to know your story, your team and the tough questions keeping you up at night.

“We recognize the value manufacturing has had to our state” explained Knoth, who managed a metal stamping, laser cutting and fabrication shop before joining the firm. “When you are working with Kerr Russell, you are working with a group of legal professionals who understand the gravity of the decisions you face because many of them have been in your shoes. I think that adds an extra layer of trust from our clients.”

While most conversations with Knoth and his team may start with a single issue it often builds a relationship that can last across generations. With in-house specialists for nearly every conceivable challenge, manufacturers who stay with Kerr Russell stay because of the consistent value and client-first approach the firm strives for.

“We’re mid-sized just like the businesses we represent and I think that’s a benefit for them and for us,” Knoth suggested. “We’re not so enormous that we lose understanding about what small manufacturers are going through, but we’re also large enough to provide a variety of professionals who can work together on an all-encompassing legal strategy for your business going forward.”

When considering a legal firm, there are questions you need to ask to ensure you’re being represented at the highest levels:

  • Are you getting the value, time and expertise you require?
  • Do you feel confident that the same firm that helps you with employment law can answer your questions about data privacy, environmental regulations or securities compliance?
  • Is your legal advisor someone understands you?

“We know we can make a difference in your day-to-day operations and we want to be your trusted advisor,” said Knoth. “Manufacturers are always pushing through and making the most of the uncertainties that get thrown at them. I think we have that same mentality. We can represent you on issues A to Z so you can keep focusing on the daily decisions that’ll help move you to that next level.”

Please contact a Kerr Russell attorney for questions regarding your manufacturing business.

Mark C. KnothImage of Mark C. Knoth, Employment and Labor attorney of Kerr Russell chairs the firm’s Labor, Employment, Employee Benefits & ERISA Practice Group. He counsels and advises business owners, managers and human resources professionals on workplace issues. These include civil rights and anti-discrimination laws; employee discipline; wage and hour; overtime; employee leaves; reasonable accommodations; veterans issues; picketing; secondary boycotts; reductions in force; drug testing; unemployment compensation; affirmative action; and union organizing campaigns, among other matters. He additionally drafts employee policies, handbooks, contracts, and covenants not to compete, and investigates threats of violence, allegations of harassment, and other employee misconduct.

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