April 20, 2017

Max Sneyd and Katherine Cser prevail on summary disposition motion for local snack foods company

The client terminated its distributorship agreement with the plaintiff, an independent contractor, after the client learned that the plaintiff had removed goods from the client’s warehouse without paying for them and had subsequently attempted to sell the goods under a different item number to avoid detection.  The plaintiff independent contractor sued the client, claiming that the defendant had wrongfully taken away the plaintiff’s rights to distribute the defendant’s products.  Mr. Sneyd and Ms. Cser successfully argued for dismissal of the plaintiff’s case on the grounds that the undisputed actions of the plaintiff were grounds for termination of the distributorship agreement, and the plaintiff failed to present a triable issue.  Judge Edward Ewell, Jr. of the Wayne County Circuit Court issued a written opinion in favor of Kerr Russell’s client on April 20, 2017.