June 24, 2018

Max Sneyd presents “Starting Your Start Up Right” to capacity crowd at Detroit TechStars Start Up Week

From the session description: “Before you can put your idea into practice, you need to protect yourself and your intellectual property. Attorney Max Sneyd will provide quick, actionable feedback on how to protect yourself and your ideas early in the entrepreneurial process.”

Detroit Start Up Week is a free event that draws 8000+ attendees along 19 program tracks, comprising 200 sessions and sponsored by 250+ corporate and community partners.

In 2016, Detroit hosted the largest U.S. inaugural Startup Week event. Businesses of all types, at every stage of growth, play essential roles in Detroit’s ecosystem, where a high tide raises all ships. Out of 40 other Techstars-related events in the U.S., Startup Week Detroit is regarded as the most diverse of its kind in the nation. In 2017, 53 percent of attendees were female and 63 percent were a minority.

Thanks to Laina Van Wyke for attending Max’s sessions, distributing our marketing materials there, and taking these photos.