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Intellectual Property and Litigation

Experience that Delivers Results

Our services are geared toward producing practical, business-oriented solutions for clients. We help clients in Michigan, across the country, and throughout the world.Contact Us

Every business begins, grows, and endures by protecting their great ideas. Kerr Russell helps businesses thrive in today’s digital and international economy by advising them how to properly manage, register, use and protect their intellectual property assets.

Our attorneys are skilled in the licensing, registration and enforcement of trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, software and other intellectual property. Kerr Russell’s intellectual property lawyers are also experienced intellectual property litigators, who can seamlessly and aggressively advance our clients’ interests and defend against infringement claims in any forum.

Our capabilities in intellectual property law and litigation include:

  • Copyright registrations, licensing and litigation
  • Trademark registrations, licensing and litigation
  • Patent licensing and litigation
  • Trade secret protection and litigation
  • Technology protection, licensing and litigation
  • Intellectual property management and audits
  • Internet and eCommerce matters
  • Software development and licensing
  • Matters before the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board



Practicing Attorneys & Staff

Fred K. Herrmann


Fred K. Herrmann maintains a diverse litigation and alternative dispute resolution practice across a...

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Michael A. Sneyd


Michael “Max” Sneyd focuses his practice on assisting clients with business issues, intellectual property...

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Common Mistakes That Can Attract Copyright Trolls

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August 30, 2021

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Upcoming Webinar: Intellectual Property Essentials for Entrepreneurs

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