October 20, 2020

Webinar: COVID-19 and Reductions in the Workforce

As a result of the Global Pandemic, some businesses have been severely impacted. Early measures, such as hiring freezes, furloughs, layoffs, wage reductions, reductions in hours of operations and other cost cutting measures may have been implemented.

However, where cost cutting measures are not sufficient to sustain operations, permanent Reductions in Force (RIF) may be unavoidable.

This webinar discusses questions employers should ask before implementing a RIF.

The full presentation can be viewed HERE.

Image of Mark C. Knoth, Employment and Labor attorney of Kerr RussellMark C. Knoth chairs the firm’s Labor, Employment, Employee Benefits & ERISA Practice Group. He counsels and advises business owners, managers and human resources professionals on workplace issues. These include civil rights and anti-discrimination laws; employee discipline; wage and hour; overtime; employee leaves; reasonable accommodations; veterans issues; picketing; secondary boycotts; reductions in force; drug testing; unemployment compensation; affirmative action; and union organizing campaigns, among other matters. He additionally drafts employee policies, handbooks, contracts, and covenants not to compete, and investigates threats of violence, allegations of harassment, and other employee misconduct.

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